The management of IRBLleida meets the management of IIS Aragón

To advance collaboration between the two institutes

The management of IRBLleida, made up of the director, Diego Arango, the deputy director, Joan Sayós, and the manager, Eva López, met on 3 July in Zaragoza with the scientific director of IIS Aragón, Ángel Lanas, the deputy scientific director, Luis Pablo, and the executive director, Óscar López, with the aim of strengthening ties and advancing collaboration between the two institutes.

This meeting represents a new step in the collaboration between the two institutes accredited by the Instituto de Salud Carlos III. A collaboration of great importance given the ties that unite us both institutes, which go beyond the territory, alliances between the Universities of Lleida and Zaragoza and collaborations already established between groups of both institutes for different lines of research.

The management of IRBLleida with the management of IIS Aragón