Rogadri renews its collaboration with the IRBLleida

To promote biomedical research in Lleida

Rogadri has renewed, for the second year, its collaboration with IRBLleida to promote biomedical research in Lleida. More than 170 companies, entities and organisations collaborate with the IRBLleida for the benefit of people's health.

Rogadri is a family company that has been dedicated to the welfare and foot health of beef and dairy cows for more than 25 years. This company was born for the need and demand of the dairy sector, due to the growing importance of foot health, becoming one of the main pillars in their production and animal welfare. We are one of the first companies to import knowledge from the United States of America to apply it to dairy farms in our country, making us a reference and recognised team.

The representative of Rogadri, Roger Bellet, with the head of Promotion of IRBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch