Eight research groups with IRBLleida staff receive funding to strengthen their scientific impact and promote their international projection.

The projection of 8 other groups led by research staff from the Institute has also been recognised by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants.

Eight research groups with staff attached to the Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida (IRBLleida) have received funding for three years from the Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) to promote their activities to strengthen the scientific, economic and social impact of research, as well as to promote their international projection. These are the research groups:

  • Gynecological and related cancer group (GinA), led by the researcher Xavier Matias-Guiu Guía.
  • Biomarkers in Cancer Research Group (GReBiC), led by researchers Jose Manuel Porcel Pérez, Antonia Salud Salvia and Maria Alba Sorolla Bardaji.
  • Translational research in respiratory medicine, led by Ferran Barbé Illa.
  • Clinical neurosciences, led by Francisco Purroy Garcia.
  • Health Education, Nursing, Sustainability and Innovation (GREISI), led by Teresa Botigué.
  • Metabolic Physiopathology, led by researcher Reinald Pamplona.
  • Eukaryotic Cell Cycle, led by researchers Eloi Gari and Jordi Torres.
  • Evolutionary and Developmental Neurobiology, led by researchers Ester Desfilis and Loreta Medina.

In addition to these groups, AGAUR has also recognised the work of 8 other groups with IRBLleida staff, which, although they have not received funding, also stand out for their scientific activity.

  • ERLab, research in emergencies and emergencies, led by Oriol Yuguero Torres.
  •  Cognition and behaviour study group, led by Gerard Piñol Ripoll.
  •  Vascular and renal translational research group, led by José Manuel Valdivielso Revilla.
  • Molecular oncology, led by Diego Arango del Corro.
  • Immunology and metabolism research group (GRIM), led by Juan Verdaguer Autonell, Concepción Mora Giral and Albert Lecube Torelló.
  • Neurobiology of Minority Diseases (NEURADIS).
  • Mathematical modelling and synthetic and systems biology in biomedicine and biotechnology - Mathematical Systems & Synthetic Biology in Biomedicine and Biotechnology (MathSy2Bio), led by researcher Rui Alves.
  •  Developmental and oncogenic signalling, led by researcher Mario Encinas.

More research groups in various fields, such as research in the agricultural field, from the University of Lleida, have also received recognition from AGAUR. You can find more information on the website of the UdL.

The AGAUR offers this accreditation to all the research groups of the universities of the Catalan university system, public and private research centres, hospital foundations and singular scientific and technical infrastructures with their own legal personality in Catalonia.

AGAUR offers this accreditation to all research groups in universities, public and private research centres, hospital foundations and scientific and technical infrastructures