The 8th edition of the 'Cursa de la Dona Nayox' raises €3,189.50 for breast cancer research

Thanks to the actions promoted by the Marta Santamaria Grant Association, this research is being carried out at IRBLleida, led by Serafín Morales

The 8th edition of the 'Cursa de la Dona Nayox', which took place on 13 March, raised €3,189.50 for breast cancer research at the Biomedical Research Institute of Lleida Dr. Pifarré Foundation (IRBLleida). This initiative is part of the actions supported by the Marta Santamaria Scholarship, a private initiative that was created to continue the fight against breast cancer that Marta Santamaria from Lleida undertook and also to pay tribute to her person and her courage, as well as to all the anonymous women who suffer or have suffered from this disease and to those who, like her, fought but could not win.

One of the actions supported by the Marta Santamaria Scholarship is the 'Cursa de la Dona Nayox'. GoGoGoRunners Club Deportivo promotes and organises the 'Cursa de la Dona Nayox', with the main sponsorship of Grupo Nayox. The next edition of the race will take place on 12 March 2023. A part of the inscriptions of the runners participating in the emblematic race will be donated to this research.

The researcher and oncologist at the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital (HUAV), Serafín Morales, is leading this research. Specifically, the funding obtained is for a project that studies triple negative breast cancer, a very aggressive type of breast cancer that until recently had no specific treatment.

"Recently, new drugs have been developed that target this type of tumour and improve its outlook. Our project is looking for markers that will help us to incorporate these new treatments in the different scenarios of this type of breast cancer. Specifically, we have seen that one of these markers is the expression of the vitamin D receptor, which confers a better prognosis, allows us to avoid these new treatments and can also deploy new treatments against this receptor," explained Morales.

The promoters of the initiative with those responsible for IRBLleida