Ferreteria Albert Soler renews its collaboration with the IRBLleida

A partner company for 15 years

Ferreteria Albert Soler has renewed its collaboration with IRBLleida. For 15 years, the supply company has been collaborating with biomedical research in Lleida and with IRBLleida.

The contributions made by the companies and entities that collaborate with the IRBLleida have the mission of promoting, developing, managing and disseminating biomedical research in Lleida. Ferreteria Albert Soler offers consumers: wholesalers, retailers and the general public more than 50,000 reference products, designed to cover with great solvency the needs of a continuously evolving market.

The head of Promotion of IRBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch, with the director of the Ferreteria Albert Soler, Albert Soler