Acknowledgements to the speakers at the Researchers Night

For their collaboration in the organisation of the activities

As part of Research Night, which took place on 24 September, IRBLleida has thanked the research staff who organised a talk during the week. They are:

  •  Salvador J. Ribas, scientific director of the Montsec Astronomical Park.
  •  Anabel Sorolla, postdoctoral researcher in the GReBiC group.
  •  Marta Medina and Arabela Sanz, trainee researchers in the Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress group.
  •  Helena Fernández, postdoctoral researcher in the GRECS group.
  •  Carolina Climent, postdoctoral researcher in the GRECS group.

The research staff who prepared a talk with the director of the IRBLleida, Diego Arango