Doctors of the University Hospital Arnau of Vilanova receive the Medtronic Surgery Award for a study on acute abdominal pain

The award, worth 2,000 euros, is given by the Spanish Association of Surgeons to the best work published in the journal 'Cirugía Española'

Doctors Daniel Lacasta, Javier Trujillano and Mindaugas Gudelis have received the Medtronic Surgery Award for a study that facilitates the diagnosis of different types of acute abdominal pain. Gudelis, currently on leave, belongs to the medical team of FC Barcelona Basketball. The prize, which is worth 2,000 euros, is awarded by the Spanish Association of Surgeons to the best papers published in the journal Cirugía Española during 2019. The study, entitled 'Acute pain in the right iliac casting. A new algorithm based on classification trees and artificial neural network", was carried out with the collaboration of 252 patients who came to the hospital with abdominal pain.

The authors of the study collected demographic, clinical, analytical and physical examination data and classified the patients into four groups: simple pain to the right iliac fossa (45%), acute appendicitis (37%), abdominal pain without an inlamatory process (12%) and abdominal pain with an inlamatory process (6%).

The results of the study conclude that the methodology based on CHAID type classification trees (Chi-Square Automatic Interaction Detection) can help clinicians diagnose intrabdominal pathologies with a minimum margin of error.

Text: HUAV communication and press

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Doctors Daniel Lacasta, Mindaugas Gudelis and Javier Trujillano