Donations to the IRBLleida for the COVID-19 research will go towards managing the collection of samples from the biobank and the publication of prestigious articles by the Lleida research teams

More than € 25,000 have been received thanks to these initiatives: Confinarun, the website and #LleidaEsCorona

The Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida (IRBLleida) has received € 25,725 thanks to three initiatives promoted to raise funds for COVID-19 research: the ConFinaRun solidarity race, donations to the website and the #LleidaEsCorona initiative. The total amount of the donations will be used, with the approval of the IRBLleida Internal Scientific Committee, for the investigation of COVID-19 in Lleida in two areas.

  • 50% of the amount raised will go towards supporting IRBLleida's support for research at COVID-19, mainly on biobank expenses for the collections of COVID-19 samples available for institution studies. The Biobanco Scientific-Technical Service is collaborating in clinical trials in which COVID-19 blood samples are collected, which will then be used for studies on the disease.
  • The other 50% of the amount collected will serve to contribute to the original scientific publication costs in COVID-19 led by researchers / researchers from the IRBLleida (first or last correspondence author) in first quartile journals (they are the ones with the highest impact). The results of the investigations are published in scientific journals to make them known to the entire scientific community. The contribution will be € 2,000 per publication until the available funds are exhausted.

One of the initiatives was the Confinarun