The Heroi sense capa web site devotes 5% of its sales to biomedical research on IRBLleida's COVID-19

The entrepreneur Berta López promotes this initiative

The Lleida Biomedical Research Institute (IRBLleida) is receiving the support of many initiatives to raise funds for research on COVID-19. One of the latest actions is the proposal of the entrepreneur Berta López, who will dedicate 5% of sales to the page to biomedical research on coronavirus in Lleida. is a project that aims to support and recognize professionals working for the eradication of COVID-19 and allocates part of its profits to donation for this research. Products such as T-shirts and sweatshirts for children, women and men can be found on the web. The products have been designed, in Catalan and Spanish, exclusively for the initiative.

Berta López, a native of L'Esquirol (Osona), works professionally in video editing in a company related to the sports sector. He combines the professional world with a degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, and with entrepreneurship. He has decided to push this initiative from confinement abroad, to try to get far and create a sense of community and support in this new situation we all live in.

"Going out on the balconies at 8 pm to applaud and see how we are all united had great symbolic value, I wanted to humbly convey the strength that this moment deserved, with a simple slogan in something that we all carried on to be able to convey- it's the few times we go out on the street ", explained the entrepreneur.

The Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute (IGTP), a public research center located in Badalona (Barcelonès), will also receive 5% of the sales on the website.

The entrepreneur Berta López promotes this initiative