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  • Falguera M; Vilanova MB; Alcubierre N; Granado-Casas M; Marsal JR; Miró N; Cebrian C; Molló À; Franch-Nadal J; Mata-Cases M; Castelblanco E; Mauricio D

    Prevalence of pre-diabetes and undiagnosed diabetes in the Mollerussa prospective observational cohort study in a semi-rural area of Catalonia.

    Bmj Open 10 e033332-. .


  • Vázquez-Justes D; Carreño-Gago L; García-Arumi E; Traveset A; Montoya J; Ruiz-Pesini E; López R; Brieva L

    Mitochondrial m.13513G>A Point Mutation in ND5 in a 16-Year-Old Man with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Detected by Next-Generation Sequencing.

    Journal of Pediatric Genetics 8 231-234. .


  • Yuguero O; Marsal JR; Esquerda M; Galvan L; Soler-González J

    Cross-sectional study of the association between empathy and burnout and drug prescribing quality in primary care.

    Primary Health Care Research and Development 20 e145-. .


  • Carbonell M; Alonso N; Castelblanco E; Real J; Ramírez-Morros A; Simó R; Hernández C; Jurjo C; Traveset A; Valldeperas X; Mauricio D

    Assessment of Inner Retinal Layers and Choroidal Thickness in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Cross-Sectional Study.

    Journal of Clinical Medicine 8 -. .


  • Planella Cornudella M; Pociello Almiñana N; Domingo Ruiz A; Bringue Espuny X; Rue Monne M; Sole Mir E

    Utilidad del Pediatric Appendicitis Score y la ecografa abdominal en el proceso diagnstico de apendicitis aguda.

    Cirugía Pediátrica : Organo Oficial De La Sociedad Española De Cirugía Pediátrica 32 128-134. .

  • Roman-Canal B; Moiola CP; Gatius S; Bonnin S; Ruiz-Miró M; González E; González-Tallada X; Llordella I; Hernández I; Porcel JM; Gil-Moreno A; Falcón-Pérez JM; Ponomarenko J; Matias-Guiu X; Colas E

    EV-Associated miRNAs from Peritoneal Lavage are a Source of Biomarkers in Endometrial Cancer.

    Cancers 11 -. .


  • Campbell K; Rossi F; Adams J; Pitsidianaki I; Barriga FM; Garcia-Gerique L; Batlle E; Casanova J; Casali A

    Collective cell migration and metastases induced by an epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in Drosophila intestinal tumors

    Nature Communications 10 2311-2311. .


  • Bigorda-Sague A; Trujillano Cabello J; Ariza Carrio G; Campoy Guerrero C

    Design and Validation of a Computer Application for Diagnosis of Shoulder Locomotor System Pathology

    Healthcare Informatics Research 25 82-88. .


  • Granado-Casas, Minerva; Castelblanco, Esmeralda; Ramirez-Morros, Anna; Martin, Mariona; Alcubierre, Nuria; Martinez-Alonso, Montserrat; Valldeperas, Xavier; Traveset, Alicia; Rubinat, Esther; Lucas-Martin, Ana; Hernandez, Marta; Alonso, Nuria; Mauricio, Didac

    Poorer Quality of Life and Treatment Satisfaction is Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes without Other Advanced Late Complications

    Journal of Clinical Medicine 8 377-. .


  • García-Martínez E; Soler-González J; Rubí-Carnacea F; García-Martínez B; Climent-Sanz C; Blanco-Blanco J; Valenzuela-Pascual F

    The influence of an educational internet-based intervention in the beliefs and attitudes of primary care professionals on non-specific chronic low back pain: study protocol of a mixed methods approach.

    BMC Family Practice 20 31-31. .


  • Guilera, Teresa; Batalla, Iolanda; Forne, Carles; Soler-Gonzalez, Jorge

    Empathy and big five personality model in medical students and its relationship to gender and specialty preference: a cross-sectional study



  • Molló À; Berenguera, Anna; Rubinat, Esther; Vlacho, Bogdan; Mata, Manel; Franch, Josep; Bolibar, Bonaventura; Mauricio, Didac

    INTEGRA study protocol: primary care intervention in type 2 diabetes patients with poor glycaemic control

    BMC Family Practice 20 25-25. .