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  • Yuguero O; Marsal JR; Esquerda M; Galvan L; Soler-González J

    Cross-sectional study of the association between empathy and burnout and drug prescribing quality in primary care.

    Primary Health Care Research and Development 20 e145-. .


  • Yuguero Torres, Oriol

    Reply to "Considerations in traumatic brain injury in the emergency department"

    NEUROCIRUGIA 30 155-156. .


  • Esquerda, Montse; Pifarre, Josep; Roig, Helena; Busquets, Ester; Yuguero, Oriol; Viñas J

    Assessing bioethics education: Teaching to be virtuous doctors with practical ethical skills

    ATENCION PRIMARIA 51 99-104. .


  • Mindaugas Gudelis; José Daniel Lacasta Garcia; José Javier Trujillano Cabello

    Diagnosis of Pain in the Right Iliac Fossa. A New Diagnostic Score Based on Decision-Tree and Artificial Neural Network Methods



  • Jacob J; Cabello I; Yuguero O; Alexis Guzmán J; Arranz Betegón M; Abadías MJ; Francés Artigas P; Santos J; Esquerrà A; Mòdol JM

    Emergency Atrial Fibrillation Registry of the Catalan Institute of Health (URGFAICS): analysis by type of atrial fibrillation and revisits within 30 days.

    EMERGENCIAS 31 99-106. .

  • Yuguero Torres O; M Perez Perez, Rosa

    Author's reply.

    EMERGENCIAS 31 145-145. .

  • Casas-Mendez, Fernando; Abadías MJ; Yuguero, Oriol; Bardes, Ignasi; Barbe, Ferran; de Batlle J

    Treatment strategies after acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Impact on mortality

    PLOS ONE 13 e0208847-. .


  • Yuguero Torres, Oriol; Perez Perez, Rosa M.

    Emergency department patients who leave after voluntary discharge or without discharge: a challenge with ethical, medical, and legal implications

    EMERGENCIAS 30 433-436. .

  • Yuguero, Oriol; Vena, Ana; Forne, Carles; Lacasta JD; Llobet, Cecilia; Abadías MJ

    Quality of care indicators for a resuscitation unit A descriptive study and proposal

    Medicine 97 e13467-. .


  • Yuguero, Oriol; Guzman, Marianela; Castan, Teresa; Forne, Caries; Galindo, Gisela; Pujol, Jesus

    Characteristics and prognosis of patients admitted to a hospital emergency department for traumatic brain injury and with anticoagulant or antiplatelet treatment

    NEUROCIRUGIA 29 233-239. .


  • Yuguero, Oriol; Melnick, Edward R.; Marsal, Josep R.; Esquerda, Montserrat; Soler-Gonzalez, Jorge

    Cross-sectional study of the association between healthcare professionals' empathy and burnout and the number of annual primary care visits per patient under their care in Spain

    Bmj Open 8 e020949-. .


  • Medrano, MJA; Torres, OY; Robles, IB; Casas-Mendez, LF; Barbe, Ferran; de Batlle, Jordi

    Exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: An analysis of the care process in a regional hospital emergency department

    Medicine 97 11601-. .