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  • Hodkinson A; Peters D; Panagioti M; Pifarre J; Yuguero O

    Editorial: The public health problem of burnout in health professionals.

    Frontiers in Public Health 11 1173312-1173312. .


  • Yuguero O; Vena A; Bernal M; Martínez-Alonso M; Farre J; Purroy F

    Platelet levels and age are determinants of survival after mild-moderate TBI: A prospective study in Spain.

    Frontiers in Public Health 11 1109426-1109426. .


  • Abad A; Fuentes A; Paredes E; Godoy S; Perera S; Yuguero O

    A comparison of emotional wellbeing and burnout of primary care professionals in 2014 and 2021.

    Frontiers in Public Health 10 1062437-1062437. .


  • Jover-Sáenz A; Ramírez-Hidalgo M; Bellés Bellés A; Ribes Murillo E; Batlle Bosch M; Cayado Cabanillas J; Garrido-Calvo S; Gracia Vilas MI; Gros Navés L; Javierre Caudevilla MJ; Mari López A; Montull Navarro L; Ortiz Valls M; Terrer Manrique G; Vaqué Castilla P; Ichart Tomás JJ; Justribó Sánchez E; Andreu Mayor E; Carrera Guiu J; Martorell Solé R; Pallàs Satué S; Saura Codina M; Vena Martínez A; Albalat Samper JM; Cano Marrón S; Chacón Domínguez I; Escuin DR; Estadella Servalls MJ; Figueres Farreny AM; Minguet Vidal S; Montaña Esteban LM; Otal Bareche J; Pallerola Planes M; Pujol Aymerich F; Rodríguez Garrocho A; Solé Curcó A; Toribio Redondo F; Urgelés Castillón MC; Valgañon Palacios J; Torres-Puig-Gros J

    Impact of a Primary Care Antimicrobial Stewardship Program on Bacterial Resistance Control and Ecological Imprint in Urinary Tract Infections.

    Antibiotics-Basel 11 -. .


  • Yuguero O; Rius N; Soler-González J; Esquerda M

    Increase of burnout among emergency department professionals due to emotional exhaustion during the SARS-Cov2 pandemic: Evolution from 2016 to 2021.

    Medicine 101 31887-31887. .


  • Yuguero O.; Inzitari M.; Tolchinsky G.

    Clinical leaders, the first step for emotionally intelligent leadership

    Bmj Leader 6 219-221. .


  • Forne, C; Yuguero, O

    Factor structure of the Maslach Burnout Inventory Human Services Survey in Spanish urgency healthcare personnel: a cross-sectional study.

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  • Illa J; Yuguero O

    An Analysis of the Ethical, Economic, and Environmental Aspects of Entomophagy.



  • Yuguero, O; Companys, M; Guzman, M; Maciel, R; Llobet, C; Lopez, A; Olles, R; Pujol, V; Ruiz, MJ; Saura, M; Vidal, C; Godoy, P

    Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 reinfections in a Spanish region.

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  • Macip, S; Yuguero, O

    Individual Freedom in the Initial Response to Covid-19.

    Frontiers in Public Health 10 765016-765016. .


  • Yuguero, O; Cabello, I; Arranz, M; Guzman, JA; Moreno, A; Frances, P; Santos, J; Esquerra, A; Zarauza, A; Modol, JM; Jacob, J

    Emergency Department capacity to initiate thromboprophylaxis in patients with atrial fibrillation and thrombotic risk after discharge: URGFAICS cohort analysis

    Internal and emergency medicine 17 873-881. .


  • Lucena, A; Yuguero, O

    Systematic Review of Common Refractory Symptoms in the End-Of-Life Situation and Its Relation With Euthanasia.