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  • Barés G; Beà A; Hernández L; Navaridas R; Felip I; Megino C; Blasco N; Nadeu F; Campo E; Llovera M; Dolcet X; Sanchis D

    ENDOG Impacts on Tumor Cell Proliferation and Tumor Prognosis in the Context of PI3K/PTEN Pathway Status.

    Cancers 13 3803-. .


  • Witte F; Ruiz-Orera J; Mattioli CC; Blachut S; Adami E; Schulz JF; Schneider-Lunitz V; Hummel O; Patone G; Mücke MB; Šilhavý J; Heinig M; Bottolo L; Sanchis D; Vingron M; Chekulaeva M; Pravenec M; Hubner N; van Heesch S

    A trans locus causes a ribosomopathy in hypertrophic hearts that affects mRNA translation in a protein length-dependent fashion.

    GENOME BIOL 22 191-191. .


  • Britti E; Delaspre F; Sanz A; Medina-Carbonero M; Llovera M; Purroy R; Mincheva-Tasheva S; Tamarit J; Ros J

    Calcitriol increases frataxin levels and restores mitochondrial function in cell models of Friedreich Ataxia.



  • Blasco N; Beà A; Barés G; Girón C; Navaridas R; Irazoki A; López-Lluch G; Zorzano A; Dolcet X; Llovera M; Sanchis D

    Involvement of the mitochondrial nuclease EndoG in the regulation of cell proliferation through the control of reactive oxygen species

    Redox Biology 37 101736-101736. .


  • Chen M; Ji C; Yang Q; Gao S; Peng Y; Li Z; Gao X; Li Y; Jiang N; Zhang Y; Bian X; Chen C; Zhang K; Sanchis D; Yan F; Ye J

    AKT2 regulates development and metabolic homeostasis via AMPK-depedent pathway in skeletal muscle.

    CLINICAL SCIENCE 134 2381-2398. .


  • Saez, ME; Gonzalez-Perez, A; Hernandez-Olasagarre, B; Bea, A; Moreno-Grau, S; de Rojas, I; Monte-Rubio, G; Orellana, A; Valero, S; Comella, JX; Sanchis, D; Ruiz, A

    Genome Wide Meta-Analysis identifies common genetic signatures shared by heart function and Alzheimer's disease

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 9 16665-16665. .


  • Chen, DD; Li, Z; Bao, PQ; Chen, M; Zhang, M; Yan, FR; Xu, YT; Ji, CY; Hu, XY; Sanchis, D; Zhang, YB; Ye, JM

    Nrf2 deficiency aggravates Angiotensin II-induced cardiac injury by increasing hypertrophy and enhancing IL-6/STAT3-dependent inflammation



  • Santamaria-Martos, F; Benitez, I; Zapater, A; Giron, C; Pinilla, L; Fernandez-Real, JM; Barbe, F; Ortega, FJ; Sanchez-de-la-Torre, M

    Identification and validation of circulating miRNAs as endogenous controls in obstructive sleep apnea

    PLOS ONE 14 e0213622-. .


  • Britti, E; Delaspre, F; Mincheva, S; Llovera, M; Tamarit, J; Ros, J

    Calcitriol as a supplement for Friedreich ataxia

    FEBS Open Bio 8 213-213. .

  • Blasco, N; Camara, Y; Núñez E.; Bea, A; Bares, G; Forne, C; Ruiz-Meana, M; Giron, C; Barba, I; Garcia-Arumi, E; Garcia-Dorado, D; Vazquez, J; Marti, R; Llovera, M; Sanchis, D

    Cardiomyocyte hypertrophy induced by Endonuclease G deficiency requires reactive oxygen radicals accumulation and is inhibitable by the micropeptide humanin

    Redox Biology 16 146-156. .


  • Yang, S; Chen, DD; Chen, F; Zhao, XM; Zhang, YB; Li, Z; Jin, L; Xu, YT; Sanchis, D; Ye, JM

    Deletion of protein kinase B2 preserves cardiac function by blocking interleukin-6-mediated injury and restores blood pressure during angiotensin II/high-salt-diet-induced hypertension



  • Santamaria-Martos, F; Benitez, I; Giron, C; Barbe, F; Martinez-Garcia, MA; Hernandez, L; Montserrat, JM; Nagore, E; Martorell, A; Campos-Rodriguez, F; Corral, J; Cabriada, V; Abad, J; Mediano, O; Troncoso, MF; Cano-Pumarega, I; Gutierrez, AMF; Diaz-Cambriles, T; Somoza-Gonzalez, M; Almendros, I; Farre, R; Gozal, D; Sanchez-de-la-Torre, M; Spanish Sleep Network

    Biomarkers of carcinogenesis and tumour growth in patients with cutaneous melanoma and obstructive sleep apnoea