CERCA and ACER Statement regarding the sentences of the catalan social and political leaders

On behalf of the entire research sector, and the research centres of Catalonia in particular, we wish to express our concern following the Spanish Supreme Court's decision regarding the sentences of the Catalan social and political leaders.

Researchers from IRBLleida describe the first model of adult metastasis developed in the fruit fly

This research will help to identify those genes that play a key role in the initiation of metastasis

A group of citizens of the program Visita la Recerca de la Marató in 2018 in the IRBLleida

Around thirty donors will visit IRBLleida as part of the La Marató TV3 Foundation program

The program Visit the research of La Marató invites citizens to know first hand the destination of their donations and their efforts, through tours open to the public in research centers

Physiopathology group of the University of Lleida

A European study with participation from Lleida identifies a possible target to combat nonalcoholic fatty liver

This disease involves a series of liver diseases with different degrees of severity, characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver cells and that are not caused by high alcohol consumption