The University Hospital Arnau de Vilanova publishes a pioneering study on the quality of care for the Emergency Reanimation Unit

It has been analyzed the data of 7,579 patients who have been through this unit in 5 years

The influenza vaccine would reduce the severity of influenza in vaccinated patients who have not prevented the contagion

A work in which researchers from the UB and CIBERESP have participated studied all the serious cases of influenza admitted to twelve hospitals in Catalonia between the 2010-2011 and 2015-2016 campaigns

IRBLleida incorporates a new researcher who uses the model of the vinegar fly to understand human diseases

Andreu Casali has developed for the first time a model of adult colorectal cancer with metastasis in this type of fly (called Drosophila)

The Carlos III Health Institute finances 9 new research projects of IRBLleida

Research will be carried out in the field of nephrology, skin cancer, endocrinology and diseases such as sleep apnea, Alzheimer's and tuberculosis, among others.