Mamapop donates over €40,000 to IRBLleida raised at the 2023 Christmas session

For the first time, it promotes a spring session to coincide with Lleida's city festivals

The organisers of Mamapop have presented the Institute of Biomedical Research of Lleida with a donation of 40,011 euros, raised in the three sessions held at Christmas 2023. This aid will be allocated to breast cancer research at the IRBLleida, as has been the case with previous donations. This amount, added to the 192,789 euros given up to January 2023, makes a total of 232,800 euros that the Lleida solidarity show has given so far to the IRBLleida.

At the event, held in the Saló de Sesions de la Paeria de Lleida, the mayor of Lleida, Fèlix Larrosa, described the work of Mamapop as 'an extraordinary job that manages to mobilise society for a great cause'. Agustí Jiménez, the first vice-president of the Provincial Council, congratulated Manel Simon, the organiser of Mamapop, on achieving this important challenge once again this year. The director of the IRBLleida, Diego Arango thanked the joint effort, also of the institutions and companies in solidarity, ensuring that all funds raised will be used in research to improve treatments for patients.

This year Mamapop has expanded its frontiers by holding its first edition at the Palacio de Congresos in Tarragona, where it has raised nearly 24,000 euros for the Pere Virgilio Research Centre, which coordinates breast cancer research at the Tarragona and Reus Hospitals.

With contributions to the IRBLleida and the Pere Virgili Institute in Tarragona, Mamapop has achieved a record donation of 256,499 euros, surpassing the quarter of a million mark for the first time.

After the success of the last edition of Musicales and in response to popular demand, Mamapop will offer a new session on the dates of Lleida's Festa Major, Saturday 25 May at the Llotja de Lleida. The solidarity show proposes a repertoire made up of the best songs from international musicals that will be performed by a total of 45 musicians accompanying the voices of 9 singers.

In addition to the presentation of the solidarity cheque, Mamapop also acknowledged the companies that have contributed, from day one, to making it the most important artistic-musical production in benefit of breast cancer in Catalonia: Atlas Energía, Asurbrok, Fundación La Caixa and Viveros Sisco Palacio.

The organiser of Mamapop, Manel Simón; the first vice-president of Lleida Provincial Council, Agustí Jiménez; the mayor of Lleida, Fèlix Larrosa, and the director of IRBLleida, Diego Arango.