Agroferti Tractaments i Serveis renews its collaboration with the IRBLleida

To promote biomedical research in Lleida

Agroferti Tractaments i Serveis has renewed its collaboration with the IRBLleida to promote biomedical research in Lleida.

The contributions made by the companies and entities that collaborate with the IRBLleida have the mission of promoting, developing, managing and disseminating biomedical research in Lleida.

Agroferti Tractaments i Serveis is a company founded in 1989 and located in Alcoletge (Lleida), dedicated mainly to the manufacture of liquid fertilisers. With top quality raw materials and a complex filtering system that avoids impurities and/or insolubles, Agroferti manufactures products that comply with the most rigorous and guaranteeing national and international EC regulations.

The representative of Agroferti Tractaments i Serveis, Jaume Lladós, with the head of Promotion of RBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch