Dr. Carmen Cabezas kicks off the aDONA't cycle at IRBLleida

To make visible and meet women leaders in research, science and health

The Secretary for Public Health of the Government of Catalonia, Carmen Cabezas Peña, today gave the first talk in the aDONA't cycle promoted by the Equality Committee of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Lleida (IRBLleida). Within the framework of Women's Day, which takes place on 8 March, this initiative has been launched to raise awareness of women of reference in the field of research, science and health.

The IRBLleida Equality Commission, fulfilling its functions of raising awareness, informing and advising the IRBLleida staff on the importance of incorporating equality between women and men in the centre, has launched the cycle that will feature a series of talks by leading women.

The talk and subsequent colloquium took place at the RBLleida, as it is an initiative aimed at all the Institute's staff.

Carmen Cabezas Peña is the professional chosen to head the Public Health secretariat. Dr. Cabezas has a long career within the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, where she has been the Deputy Director General for Health Promotion since 2006. During the pandemic she has been one of the key people and one of the most visible faces, especially in the vaccination strategy.

Carmen Cabezas holds a degree and doctorate in Medicine and Translational Research from the University of Barcelona. She is a specialist in Family and Community Medicine and in Preventive Medicine and Public Health, with a Master's degree in Health Sciences Methodology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and a diploma in Health from the National School of Health.

The Secretary of Public Health, Carmen Cabezas, has given a talk at the IRBLleida