Ferran Barbé Illa, Research Career Award in ICS Hospitals 2022

Vicent Llorca Bofí and Rosa Pérez Pérez Pérez have also received awards

The Territorial Clinical Director of Chronic Respiratory Diseases of Lleida, director of CIBERES (Centre for Biomedical Research Network Respiratory Diseases) and head of the research group Translational Research in Respiratory Medicine at the Institute for Biomedical Research of Lleida (IRBLleida), Ferran Barbé, has received the Catalan Institute of Health's 2022 Research Trajectory in Hospitals award for professionals who have made a significant contribution to the development of research in health sciences in the field of hospital care at the ICS with an activity of recognised scientific level. Vicent Llorca Bofí, a researcher in the Biological Foundations of Mental Disorders research group, has also received the prize for the best Research Article in Health Sciences written by a Professional from the ICS 2022 Resident Programme: High neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio upon admission is associated with better response in psychotic depression,  and the researcher of the ERLab group, research in emergencies and emergencies, Rosa Maria Perez Perez, also won the prize for the best poster of the day with the study on suicide during covid confinements.

The award ceremony took place during the ICS Research Day 2022, which was held at Bellvitge University Hospital on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. This year, the chosen theme of the conference was mental health, which has been significantly impacted by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. How to approach mental health research, from what perspectives and what challenges, opportunities and new strategies are faced by research professionals, in the short and long term, were the topics of debate at this conference.

The head of the Translational Research in Respiratory Medicine research group at IRBLleida, Ferran Barbé