Rafi Vaca, accredited as Somnologist - Technologist at the ESRS international congress

Since 2015 and to date, there are only four professionals in Spain with this distinction in the whole of Spain

Rafi Vaca Molina, specialist technician at the Sleep Unit of the University Hospital Santa Maria and researcher at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRBLleida), has recently obtained the title of 'Somnologist - Technologist', awarded by the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS).

Last October, the 26th international congress of the ESRS, the body responsible for accrediting professionals in this science, took place in Athens. In this congress Rafi Vaca obtained the highest accreditation as 'Somnologist-Technologist'. Since 2015 and until today there are only four professionals in Spain accredited with this distinction.

Rafi Vaca is also accredited since 2018 by the Spanish Federation of Sleep Medicine (FESMES) as 'Expert in sleep laboratory techniques'.

The IRBLleida's researcher, Rafi Vaca