New Lleida application for breast cancer patients

Informs participants in clinical trials about recent research into the different types of cancer and gives advice on diet and exercise

The Institute for Research in Biomedicine of Lleida (IRBLleida) and the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital (HUAV) have launched the appmiclinica app for breast cancer patients participating in clinical trials. The project is headed by Serafín Morales Murillo, an assistant physician in the HUAV Medical Oncology Service and researcher in the Cancer Biomarkers Research Group (GReBiC) at IRBLleida. The application has been developed by the eHealth Advisory and Development Service (SADeH) of the University of Lleida.

The application has a section accessible to everyone with general information on breast cancer, its prevention and advice on diet and exercise. It also has a private section, with a password, designed for people participating in clinical trials, where the person receives information on the specific type of cancer they are suffering from. The Clinical Trials Unit at IRBLleida accompanies the person in their registration and explains how they can find detailed information about their case.

The application has a section called "Science moves forward", which will allow users to find out about the latest scientific publications, projects and debates on breast cancer research. All this information is reliable and endorsed by the scientific community. The appmiclinica also allows users to contact a specialist by indicating the email address, the reason for the consultation and the message.

"APP aims to be a reliable and contrasted information tool that allows users to keep up to date with the latest news and avoid confusion in the face of the large amount of information. It also aims to ensure that patients who are participating in clinical trials are well informed and connected to our unit in an agile and simple way," explains Serafín Morales.

The application has an accessible part for everyone with general information about breast cancer, its prevention and advice on nutrition and exercise