The 'Marató de les Terres de Lleida', Clos Pons Thai Runners and Xavi Thai give €800 for research

For borderline personality disorder research

The ‘Marató de les Terres de Lleida’ (MTDL), Clos Pons Thai Runners and Xavi Thai have given € 800 to IRBLleida for the investigation of borderline personality disorder. An investigation directed by the director of the Service of Psychiatry, Mental Health and Addictions of GSS and head of the IRBLleida research group, Biological Foundations of Mental Disorders, Josep Pifarré.

The program aims to improve these coping strategies with an innovative methodology very close to experiential learning through adventure activity. This disorder is severe, has a tendency to chronicity, and is characterized, among others, by emotional instability, and also in disorders at the level of conduct and interpersonal relationships. All these events lead to alterations in many areas of life (educational, work, affective and family).

The promoter of the donation, Xavi Thai, with the person in charge of Promotion of the IRBLleida, Josep Maria Bosch