Dolores Garcia Olmo

Dolores Garcia Olmo

Degree: Doctor



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    Increased Serine and One-Carbon Pathway Metabolism by PKC lambda/l Deficiency Promotes Neuroendocrine Prostate Cancer

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  • García-Olmo, Dolores C.; Picazo, María G.; García-Olmo, Damián

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  • Olmedillas-Lopez, Susana; Garcia-Olmo, Dolores C.; Garcia-Arranz, Mariano; Peiro-Pastor, Ramon; Aguado, Begona; Garcia-Olmo, Damian

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  • García-Olmo DC; Contreras JD; Picazo MG; López-Torres J; García-Olmo D

    Potential clinical significance of perioperative levels of mRNA in plasma from patients with cancer of the larynx or hypopharynx



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    Effects of negative-pressure therapy with and without ropivacaine instillation in the early evolution of severe peritonitis in pigs.

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