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Experimental surgery

The Experimental Surgery group is a multidisciplinary group made up of professionals from the fields of surgery, anaesthesia, veterinary medicine, technical research and management who work to develop research projects in surgical pathology, either by designing experimental models with large animals (pigs) to facilitate translational research, or by participating in multicentre clinical trials to innovate and improve clinical outcomes, and to maintain continuous training in diagnostic and surgical techniques for professionals in health and animal sciences, through hybrid simulation.

The research of the experimental surgery group is mainly carried out at the facilities of the CREBAd Centre of the IRBLleida in Torrelameu, which has the necessary infrastructure to obtain experimental models in pigs, which allow, in the long run, to extrapolate the findings of the research lines to human clinical practice.

Featured publications

Villalobos, RN; Mias, MC; Gas, C; Maestre, Y; Nogués, M.; Vilardell, F; Olsina, JJ

Atraumatic laparoscopic intraperitoneal mesh fixation using a new laparoscopic device: an animal experimental study

Hernia 23 1123-1132. .


Martinez-Sanchiz, C; Garcia-Olmo, DC; Picazo-Martinez, MG; Nam-Cha, SY; Gimenez-Bachs, JM; Flores-Bautista, AB; Diaz-Piqueras, A; Salinas-Sanchez, AS

Diagnostic and prognostic value of the detection of hTERT mRNA in renal tumors

Urologic Oncology-Seminars And Original Investigations 37 749-757. .


Escartin, A; Mias, MC; Gonzalez, M; Cuello, E; Pinillos, A; Muriel, P; Mestres, N; Villalobos, R; Olsina, JJ

Home hospitalization for the surgical and conservative treatment of acute calculous cholecystitis



Cimas, FJ; Callejas-Valera, JL; Garcia-Olmo, DC; Hernandez-Losa, J; Melgar-Rojas, P; Ruiz-Hidalgo, MJ; Pascual-Serra, R; Ortega-Muelas, M; Roche, O; Marcos, P; Garcia-Gil, E; Fernandez-Aroca, DM; Ramón Y Cajal S; Gutkind, JS; Sanchez-Prieto, R

E1a is an exogenous in vivo tumour suppressor

CANCER LETTERS 399 74-81. .


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Jorge J. Olsina Kissler

Jorge J. Olsina Kissler

Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova