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The group intends to develop interdisciplinary projects with special interest in those technologies and methodologies related to abdominal wall surgery and with applicability to other surgeries such as bariatric, hepatic, etc. In particular, the group studies the biomechanical response of the closure of the abdominal wall versus physical and anthropometric factors with the use of measuring instruments designed for this purpose that measure the traction forces of the abdominal wall after the intervention. The objective is to achieve optimum closure of the abdominal wall after an intervention, avoiding tensions and future hernias in the patient.

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Cimas FJ; Callejas-Valera JL; García-Olmo DC; Hernández-Losa J; Melgar-Rojas P; Ruiz-Hidalgo MJ; Pascual-Serra R; Ortega-Muelas M; Roche O; Marcos P; Garcia-Gil E; Fernandez-Aroca DM; Ramón Y Cajal S; Gutkind JS; Sanchez-Prieto R

E1a is an exogenous in vivo tumour suppressor

CANCER LETTERS 399 74-81. .


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Jorge J. Olsina Kissler

Jorge J. Olsina Kissler