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  • Cerdán-Santacruz C; Ambrona-Zafra D; Villalobos-Mori R; Mestres Petit N; Sierra Grañón JE; Olsina-Kissler JJ

    Laparoscopic repair of perineal hernia without suture fixation - a video vignette.

    Colorectal Disease 23 1989-1990. .


  • Tur-Martinez, J; Garcia-Olmo, DC; Puy, S; Muriel, P; Protti, GP; Boldo, A; Gallardo, MA; Bazaga, S; Perez-Miranda, M; Olsina-Kissler, JJ

    A new minimally invasive porcine model for the study of intrahepatic bile duct dilatation



  • Osorio J; Jericó C; Miranda C; Santamaría M; Artigau E; Galofré G; Garsot E; Luna A; Puértolas N; Aldeano A; Olona C; Molinas J; Feliu J; Videla S; Tebe C; Pera M

    Improved postoperative outcomes and reduced transfusion rates after implementation of a Patient Blood Management program in gastric cancer surgery.

    EJSO 47 1449-1457. .


  • Hanna, M; MONTERO, A; Perrot, S; Varrassi, G

    Tramadol/Dexketoprofen Analgesic Efficacy Compared with Tramadol/Paracetamol in Moderate to Severe Postoperative Acute Pain: Subgroup Analysis of a Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel Group Trial-DAVID Study

    Pain and Therapy 10 485-503. .


  • Jimenez-Fuertes, M; Garcia-Olmo, DC; Puy, S; Beisani, M; Planells, F; Boldo, A; Ruiz-Tovar, J; Duran, M; Garcia-Olmo, D

    Effects of negative-pressure therapy with and without ropivacaine instillation in the early evolution of severe peritonitis in pigs

    European Journal of Trauma and Emergency Surgery 47 597-606. .


  • Salinas-Sánchez, Antonio S.; García-Olmo, Dolores C.; Martínez-Sanchiz, Carlos; Picazo-Martínez, María G.; Giménez-Bachs, José M.; Flores-Bautista, Ana B.; Díaz-Piqueras, Ángela

    Clinical value of perioperative levels of DNA and mRNA in plasma of patients with renal cell carcinoma

    Translational Oncology 14 100999-100999. .


  • Somalo, AP; Arias, AE; Duaigues, MG; Kissler, JJO

    Resection of submucosal lipoma in the prepyloric region by roboti surgery

    CIRUGIA ESPANOLA 99 152-152. .


  • Escartín A; González M; Muriel P; Cuello E; Pinillos A; Santamaría M; Salvador H; Olsina JJ

    Litiasic acute cholecystitis: application of Tokyo Guidelines in severity grading.

    Cirugia y Cirujanos 89 12-21. .


  • Carmona-Maurici J; Cuello E; Ricart-Jané D; Miñarro A; Baena-Fustegueras JA; Peinado-Onsurbe J; Pardina E

    Effect of bariatric surgery on inflammation and endothelial dysfunction as processes underlying subclinical atherosclerosis in morbid obesity.

    Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 16 1961-1970. .


  • Martinez-Gonzalez E; Garcia-Olmo D; Mayordomo-Aranda E; Granada-Picazo M; Gomez-Juarez M; Moreno-Cuesta J

    Does hemofiltration protect the brain after head trauma? An experimental study in rabbits.

    Intensive Care Medicine Experimental 8 66-66. .


  • Carmona-Maurici J; Amigó N; Cuello E; Bermúdez M; Baena-Fustegueras JA; Peinado-Onsurbe J; Pardina E

    Bariatric surgery decreases oxidative stress and protein glycosylation in patients with morbid obesity.



  • García-Olmo DC; Peiró-Pastor R; Picazo MG; Olmedillas-López S; García-Arranz M; Aguado B; García-Olmo D

    Liquid biopsy by NGS: Differential presence of exons (DPE) is related to metastatic potential in a colon-cancer model in the rat.

    Translational Oncology 13 100837-100837. .