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Alaó Gatius Puchercós

Alaó Gatius Puchercós


  • Gras, S; Blasco, A; Modol-Caballero, G; Tarabal, O; CASANOVAS, A; PIEDRAFITA, L; Barranco, A; Das, T; Salvany, S; Gatius, A; Pereira, SL; Navarro, X; Rueda, R; ESQUERDA, JE; CALDERO, J

    Motoneuron deafferentation and neuroinflammation in association with aging in the spinal cord of C57BL/6J mice.

    Glia 69 474-475. .

  • Salvany, S; CASANOVAS, A; PIEDRAFITA, L; Gras, S; Blasco, A; Gatius, A; Tarabal, O; Hernandez, S; CALDERO, J; ESQUERDA, JE

    Necroptosis and microglial phagocytosis of extracellular vesicles as an early mechanisms involved in the disruption of afferent synaptic terminals on spinal cord motor neurons after acute peripheral nerve injury

    Glia 69 317-318. .

  • Gatius, A; Tarabal, O; Cayuela, P; Casanovas, A; Piedrafita, L; Salvany, S; Hernandez, S; Soler, RM; Esquerda, JE; Caldero, J

    The Y172 Monoclonal Antibody Against p-c-Jun (Ser63) Is a Marker of the Postsynaptic Compartment of C-Type Cholinergic Afferent Synapses on Motoneurons