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  • Garcera, Ana; Mincheva, Stefka; Gou-Fabregas, Myriam; Caraballo-Miralles, Victor; Llado, Jeronia; Comella, Joan X.; Soler, Rosa M.

    A new model to study spinal muscular atrophy: neurite degeneration and cell death is counteracted by BCL-X(L) Overexpression in motoneurons.



  • Mincheva, Stefka; Garcera, Ana; Gou-Fabregas, Myriam; Encinas, Mario; Dolcet, Xavier; Soler, Rosa M.

    The canonical nuclear factor-?B pathway regulates cell survival in a developmental model of spinal cord motoneurons.

    JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 31 6493-6503. .


  • Garcera, Ana; Casas, Celia; Herrero, Enrique

    Expression of Candida albicans glutathione transferases is induced inside phagocytes and upon diverse environmental stresses.

    FEMS YEAST RESEARCH 10 422-431. .


  • Moubarak, Rana S.; Sole, Carme; Pascual, Marta; Gutierrez, Humberto; Llovera, Marta; Jose Perez-Garcia, M.; Gozzelino, Raffaella; Segura, Miguel F.; Iglesias-Guimarais, Victoria; Reix, Stephanie; Soler, Rosa M.; Davies, Alun M.; Soriano, Eduardo; Yuste, Victor J.; Comella, Joan X.

    The death receptor antagonist FLIP-L interacts with Trk and is necessary for neurite outgrowth induced by neurotrophins.

    JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 30 6094-6105. .


  • Mir, M.; Asensio, V. J.; Tolosa, L.; Gou-Fabregas, M.; Soler, R. M.; Llado, J.; Olmos, G.

    Tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon gamma cooperatively induce oxidative stress and motoneuron death in rat spinal cord embryonic explants.

    NEUROSCIENCE 162 959-971. .


  • Gou-Fabregas, Myriam; Garcera, Ana; Mincheva, Stefka; Jose Perez-Garcia, M.; Comella, Joan X.; Soler, Rosa M.

    Specific vulnerability of mouse spinal cord motoneurons to membrane depolarization.

    JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY 110 1842-1854. .


  • Perez-Garcia, M. Jose; Gou-Fabregas, Myriam; de Pablo, Yolanda; Llovera, Marta; Comella, Joan X.; Soler, Rosa M.

    Neuroprotection by neurotrophic factors and membrane depolarization is regulated by calmodulin kinase IV.

    Journal Of Biological Chemistry 283 4133-4144. .


  • de Pablo, Yolanda; Perez-Garcia, M. Jose; Georgieva, Maya V.; Sanchis, Daniel; Lindqvist, Niclas; Soler, Rosa M.; Comellal, Joan X.; Lloveral, Marta

    Tyr-701 is a new regulatory site for neurotrophin receptor TrkA trafficking and function.



  • Fernandez-Gomez, F. J.; Pastor, M. D.; Garcia-Martinez, E. M.; de Mera, R. Melero-Fernandez; Gou-Fabregas, M.; Gomez-Lazaro, M.; Calvo, S.; Soler, R. M.; Galindo, M. F.; Jordan, J.

    Pyruvate protects cerebellar granular cells from 6-hydroxydopamine-induced cytotoxicity by activating the Akt signaling pathway and increasing glutathione peroxidase expression.



  • Barreto L; Garcerá A; Jansson K; Sunnerhagen P; Herrero E

    A peroxisomal glutathione transferase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is functionally related to sulfur amino acid metabolism.

    Eukaryotic Cell 5 1748-1759. .


  • Garcera, Ana; Barreto, Lina; Piedrafita, Lidia; Tamarit, Jordi; Herrero, Enrique

    Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells have three Omega class glutathione S-transferases acting as 1-Cys thiol transferases.

    BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 398 187-196. .