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  • Elena Britti; Noemi Esteras Gallego; Joaquim Ros; Andrey Y. Abramov

    Mitochondrial Calcium Deregulation in Tau K18-Treated Cortical Neurons and Astrocytes

    BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 116 270-271. .


  • Britti, Elena; Delaspre, Fabien; Tamarit, Jordi; Ros, Joaquim

    Mitochondrial calcium signalling and neurodegenerative diseases

    Neuronal Signaling 2 20180061-20180061. .


  • Fernandez-Fernandez, S; Bobo-Jimenez, V; Requejo-Aguilar, R; Gonzalez-Fernandez, S; Resch, M; Carabias-Carrasco, M; Ros, J; Almeida, A; Bolaños JP

    Hippocampal neurons require a large pool of glutathione to sustain dendrite integrity and cognitive function

    Redox Biology 19 52-61. .


  • Alsina, D; Purroy, R; Ros, J; Tamarit, J

    Iron in Friedreich Ataxia: A Central Role in the Pathophysiology or an Epiphenomenon?



  • Britti, E; Delaspre, F; Mincheva, S; Llovera, M; Tamarit, J; Ros, J

    Calcitriol as a supplement for Friedreich ataxia

    FEBS Open Bio 8 213-213. .

  • Lledos, RP; Ros, J; Tamarit, J

    Alterations in mitochondrial multimeric dehydrogenase complexes in a cardiac model of Friedreich ataxia

    FEBS Open Bio 8 91-92. .

  • Alsina, D; Ros, J; Tamarit, J

    Nitric oxide prevents Aft1 activation and metabolic remodeling in frataxin-deficient yeast

    Redox Biology 14 131-141. .


  • Jimenez-Altayo, F; Meirelles, T; Crosas-Molist, E; Sorolla, MA; del Blanco, DG; Lopez-Luque, J; Mas-Stachurska, A; Siegert, AM; Bonorino, F; Barbera, L; Garcia, C; Condom, E; Sitges, M; Rodriguez-Pascual, F; Laurindo, F; Schroder, K; Ros, J; Fabregat, I; Egea, G

    Redox stress in Marfan syndrome: Dissecting the role of the NADPH oxidase NOX4 in aortic aneurysm



  • Britti, E; Delaspre, F; Feldman, A; Osborne, M; Greif, H; Tamarit, J; Ros, J

    Frataxin-deficient neurons and mice models of Friedreich ataxia are improved by TAT-MTScs-FXN treatment

    Journal Of Cellular And Molecular Medicine 22 834-848. .


  • Purroy, R; Britti, E; Delaspre, F; Tamarit, J; Ros, J

    Mitochondrial pore opening and loss of Ca2+ exchanger NCLX levels occur after frataxin depletion



  • Mangraviti A; Raghavan T; Volpin F; Skuli N; Gullotti D; Zhou J; Asnaghi L; Sankey E; Liu A; Wang Y; Lee DH; Gorelick N; Serra R; Peters M; Schriefer D; Delaspre F; Rodriguez FJ; Eberhart CG; Brem H; Olivi A; Tyler B

    HIF-1 alpha-Targeting Acriflavine Provides Long Term Survival and Radiological Tumor Response in Brain Cancer Therapy

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7 14978-14978. .


  • Serrano, JCE; Martin-Gari, M; Cassanye, A; Granado-Serrano, AB; Portero-Otin, M

    Characterization of the post-prandial insulinemic response and low glycaemic index of a soy beverage

    PLOS ONE 12 -. .