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Oriol Basallo Clariana

Oriol Basallo Clariana

Grau: Màster


  • Lucido A; Andrade F; Basallo O; Eleiwa A; Marin-Sanguino A; Vilaprinyo E; Sorribas A; Alves r

    Modeling the effects of strigolactone levels on maize root system architecture.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 14 1329556-1329556. .


  • Basallo O; Perez L; Lucido A; Sorribas A; Marin-Saguino A; Vilaprinyo E; Perez-Fons L; Albacete A; Martínez-Andújar C; Fraser PD; Christou P; Capell T; Alves r

    Changing biosynthesis of terpenoid percursors in rice through synthetic biology.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 14 1133299-1133299. .


  • Lucido, A; Basallo, O; Sorribas, A; Marin-Sanguino, A; Vilaprinyo, E; Alves r

    A mathematical model for strigolactone biosynthesis in plants.

    Frontiers in Plant Science 13 979162-979162. .



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