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Anna Visa Pretel

Anna Visa Pretel

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  • Alza, L; Visa, A; Herreros, J; Canti, C

    T-type channels in cancer cells: Driving in reverse.

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  • Visa, A; Alza, L; Canti, C; Herreros, J

    Tetralol derivative NNC-55-0396 induces glioblastoma cell death by activating IRE1a, JNK1 and calcium signaling.

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  • Visa, A; Alza, L; Casas-Benito, A; Herreros, J; Canti, C

    Targeting T-type channels in cancer: what is on and what is off?

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  • Alza, L; Nàger M; Visa, A; Canti, C; Herreros, J

    FAK Inhibition Induces Glioblastoma Cell Senescence-Like State through p62 and p27.

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  • Alza, L; Visa, A; Herreros, J; Canti, C

    The rise of T-type channels in melanoma progression and chemotherapeutic resistance.



  • Visa, A; Shaikh, S; Alza, L; Herreros, J; Canti, C

    The Hard-To-Close Window of T-Type Calcium Channels

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  • Visa, A; Sallan, MC; Maiques, O; Alza, L; Talavera, E; Lopez-Ortega, R; Santacana, M; Herrero, J; Canti, C

    T-Type Ca(v)3.1 Channels Mediate Progression and Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Glioblastoma

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  • Bhardwaj, D; Nager, M; Visa, A; Sallan, MC; Coopman, PJ; Canti, C; Herreros, J

    Phosphorylated Tyr142 beta-catenin localizes to centrosomes and is regulated by Syk

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  • Nager, M; Sallan, MC; Visa, A; Pushparaj, C; Santacana, M; Macia, A; Yeramian, A; Canti, C; Herreros, J

    Inhibition of WNT-CTNNB1 signaling upregulates SQSTM1 and sensitizes glioblastoma cells to autophagy blockers

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  • Sallan, MC; Visa, A; Shaikh, S; Nager, M; Herreros, J; Canti, C

    T-type Ca2+ Channels: T for Targetable

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  • Targeting calcium channels against primary and resistant glioblastoma