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Alek Hanafi-Metwalli

Alek Hanafi-Metwalli



  • Pross A; Metwalli AH; Desfilis E; Medina L

    Developmental-Based Classification of Enkephalin and Somatostatin Containing Neurons of the Chicken Central Extended Amygdala.

    Frontiers in physiology 13 904520-904520. .


  • Metwalli AH; Abellán A; Freixes J; Pross A; Desfilis E; Medina L

    Distinct Subdivisions in the Transition Between Telencephalon and Hypothalamus Produce Otp and Sim1 Cells for the Extended Amygdala in Sauropsids.

    FRONTIERS IN NEUROANATOMY 16 883537-883537. .