Involvement of colorectal cancer stem cells in tumor recurrence

Exterminal Seminar
viernes, 06 marzo 20

Julie Pannequin, PhD
Group leader, Signaling Plasticity and Cancer group,
Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Montpelier.

Horario: 12:00 horas
Lugar: aula 0.22

Since cancer has been considered for ages as a disease of proliferation, identification of cancer stem cells has considerably changed this dogma. Cancer Stem Cells (CSC) represent a subpopulation of tumoral cells endowed with self-renewal, tumor initiation and resistance capacities. In the team we are focused on their signaling pathways and plasticity and we are studying more precisely their involvement in tumor recurrence in colorectal cancer. Our research is focused on chemoresistance in the aim of identifying innovative strategies to sensitize CSC to these drugs and on tumor dissemination with a special interest in the circulating tumor cell characterization, early dissemination and tumor dormancy. Translational research is a priority in our research and this is highlighted not only by the development of innovative therapies and clinical tools but also by the presence of Dr Samalin (Digestive Oncologist, ICM) recently welcomed in the team. Finally, our team is highly involved in the SUNRiSE network, which federates several French teams focusing on cancer stem cells in solid tumors (