Course on ethics and good clinical practice for the initiation of a research study


Asynchronous mode - all IRBLleida personnel
Date of registration period
Start date
Monday, October 23, 2023
End date
Thursday, November 23, 2023

Institut Borja de Bioètica - Universitat Ramon Llull

  • Characteristics: The main objective of the course is to provide basic and essential training to research staff in the methodology of different types of research, especially in the application of the Standards of Good Clinical Practice. Participants should understand the dynamics of conducting a research project. They need to understand the differences between types of research, between a trial protocol and other types of studies, and if necessary to develop them. They also need to know how to follow up the trial or study and make the final report. All activities will be carried out in accordance with the Standards of Good Clinical Practice, which form the conceptual core of this teaching activity and are based on respect for the internationally agreed ethical principles that must govern clinical research. The programme of the activity is structured in 8 thematic units and emphasises:
    • Introduction to the ethical bases that should govern biomedical research.
    • The Standards of Good Clinical Practice.
    • Ethical and legal regulation of clinical research.
    • The protocol.
    • The drug in research.
    • Development and monitoring of the trial.
    • End and closure of the trial.
    • Additional practical aspects for the presentation of a project.
  • Audience: Research and Scientific-Technical Services staff, but is offered to all staff (15 places).
  • Institution of origin: All seconded staff.
  • Duration: 20h.
  • Calendar: 23/10/23 - 23/11/23.
  • Timetable: asynchronous (self-paced) online mode.
  • Format: online.
  • Accreditation: Institut Borja de Bioètica - Universitat Ramon Llull.
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