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The mission of the Clinical Trials Unit - SCT Farma is to support groups in IRBLleida in everything they need in order to conduct any clinical trial of drugs.

It is a functional unit with a staff of 15, including 9 research nurses. To carry out this mission, the unit aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide technical support and advice to research groups that request the design, coordination and implementation of the study with the same level of care.
  • Support clinical studies so that they are conducted in compliance with the standards of Good Clinical Practice (NBPC) in research.

For more information, see the accompanying documentation.


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Contact details

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Dr. Joan Antoni Schoenenberger

Human resources

  • Dr. Joan Antoni Schoenenberger Arnaiz

    Scientific director of SCTFarma

  • Laura Rumi Carrera

    Head of the SCTFarma and clinical trials pharmacist

  • Veronica Martinez Fabra

    Clinical trials nurse-coordinator

  • Irene Garcia Cantariño

    Clinical trials nurse-coordinator

  • Aida Moroba Estor

    Laboratory technician

  • Cristina Casas

    Clinical trial monitor and Clinical trial assistant (CTA)

  • Amalia Zapata

    Clinical trial monitor