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Fulbright Commission

Closing dates:

Grants aimed at Spanish doctors for stays in the United States of America. The following categories are distinguished:

Ruth Lee Kennedy Travel Bags

  • Topic: Two grants to finance stays in higher education institutions in the United States of America, for doctors who have obtained a doctorate degree from a Spanish university, as of June 2016 and before the deadline for applications, and have an excellent knowledge of English (spoken and written).
  • Budget: 5.000$/ grant.
  • Duration:   between three and twelve months.
  • Internal deadline: 9 January 2022.
  • Deadline: 9 January 2022.
  • Web link: https://fulbright.es/programas-y-becas/convocatorias/bolsas-de-viaje-ruth-lee-kennedy/2023-2024/1808/

Florida Polytechnic University