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3rd Edition of the Jesús Serra Foundation's Support Programme for Project Writing

Closing dates:

We enclose the dates and modules of the 3rd Edition of the Jesús Serra Foundation Support Program for Project Preparation. The dates are the deadline for submitting applications and to receive the appropriate support in each module. Note that ALL the projects (whether they participate in the rest of the program) must go through module 3 (finance) and all must have completed a summary/abstract of the program before February 6th. Although the calendar focuses on the AES 2023 call, the program is open to any call. For the rest of the calls we will be able to take care of your proposals correctly if you notify us with a margin of 30-40 days to projects(ELIMINAR)@irblleida.cat.

  • Module 1 - Project Preparation: Until December 15th. Project Preparation: In this module we can advise you on the preparation of the equipment, as well as on the experimental design, or in the different sections of the proposal. For all those researchers who have submitted a project in the 2021 call and who have not been awarded and want to submit the same proposal, we will start working from the comments of the evaluators.
  • Module 2 - Biostatistical Support: Until December 20th. Free biostatistical support for the correct experimental design of the project, calculation of the sample size,...
  • Module 3 - Finance Support: Until January 15th. In this module you will receive advice on eligible expenses, purchase limits in the different sections, staff financing, subcontracting, etc.
  • Module 4 - Data Management Plan: Until January 9th Support for the elaboration of the data management plan, a section that is included in the "AES Health Research Projects".
  • Module 5 - Communication Support: Until December 15th. In this module you will receive support in the preparation of the summary for NON-scientists, in the inclusion of agents of the society in the project, in plans of diffusion ...
  • Module 6 - Expert Evaluation: Until January 15th. In this module, the fully completed proposal will be handed to expert evaluators in the field to give you their feedback on how to improve it, and that you have a few days left to include the proposed changes to your proposal.

Remember that once the projects have been submitted, the program also has the Module 7 that will help you prepare the allegations in case you do not agree with the evaluation received, and the Module 8 in which the Post-Award Unit will explain in detail how to properly manage your project.