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Precision Personalised Medicine Research Projects 2022

Closing dates:

  • Theme: grants to finance projects that enable the development and implementation in the NHS of clinical-healthcare actions that, under the global concept of Personalised Precision Medicine and in coordination with the IMPaCT infrastructure, make it possible to increase the precision in people and health services of the different prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation procedures available.
    Funding will be given to projects of proven quality aimed at the validation in daily clinical practice of technologies, biomarkers and procedures of Personalised Precision Medicine, as well as those aimed at the design of these types of mechanisms and their subsequent validation in the healthcare setting.
  • Organiser: Instituto de Salud Carlos III.
  • Budget: the call has a budget of 81.5M.
  • Duration: 3 years.
  • Call opening date: 19 July 2022.
  • Internal closing date: 9 August 2022.
  • Closing date: 11 August 2022 15h.
  • Bases of the call: apply to projects@irblleida.cat.
  • Briefing: ISCIII YouTube channel
  • Web link: pending publication

Thematic priorities

Each applicant entity may submit only one application to each of the thematic areas:

  • Oncology.
  • Pharmacogenetics.
  • Infectious diseases (all projects submitted in this area must be linked to the National Microbiology Centre-ISCIII).
  • Chronic diseases in which genetic and molecular characterisation and their interaction with biological, clinical or environmental exposure factors have demonstrated potential clinical impact.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of paediatric pathology of high complexity and low prevalence.
  • Adult chronic pathologies that require the combined use of data from multi-institutional scientific sources with existing NHS data.
  • Monitoring based on the integration of lifestyle data, clinical information and genetic information.
  • Internal and external validation of early clinical or biological events.
  • Algorithms for capturing information from the clinical history of Primary and Specialised Care.

Priority lines of research

Within each thematic area, the following priority lines of research are considered:

  1. Proofs of concept and pilot projects for the validation and/or clinical implementation of omics technologies and precision nanomedicine.
  2. Evaluation of clinical and economic impact, studies of variability in clinical practice.
  3. Identification and analysis of the areas of application of Precision Personalised Medicine in Primary Care.


The projects must be developed in the multicentre project modality (with one or several beneficiaries), and the participating groups must be distributed in a minimum of 6 Autonomous Communities.

In addition, the projects must meet the following requirements:

  1. Make reference to the coordination with one or more pillars of the IMPaCT infrastructure (Genomic Medicine, Predictive Medicine and Data Science), and at what point in its development it will be carried out.
  2. To propose a viability and sustainability plan after the end of the action corresponding to this call for all those validated interventions that show a favourable clinical-healthcare impact.
  3. Enable the standardisation of biomedical data to facilitate interoperability, access and governance with IMPaCT.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Assessment of the research group: up to 30 points.
  • Assessment of the project: up to 70 points.
  • Quality: methodological suitability to the proposed objectives. Statistical design (sample size, analysis plan, intermediate analysis, determination of limits, feasibility analysis, etc.). Up to 15 points.
  • Feasibility: participation of the Regional Health Ministries or those departments with the corresponding competencies in health provision, adaptation of the composition of the team to the proposal; work plan, distribution of tasks and timetable; available infrastructures and management capacity; adaptation of the requested budget to the project's objectives. Up to 20 points.
  • Complementarity of the proposal with other national, international or regional R&D&I actions: up to 15 points.
  • Relevance, applicability and suitability to the objectives of the call: up to 20 points.

Due to the limited number of projects, it will be necessary for all interested parties to send us a binding expression of interest. If more than one expression of interest is received in any of the areas, these will be prioritised by the CIAC. The deadline for receipt of binding expression of interest is 19 July 2022 at 15h. In the event that more than one expression of interest is received in any of the areas