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Collaborative proposals under the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan's Biotechnology for Health Supplementary Plan

Closing dates:


  • Pla Complementari de Biotecnologia aplicada a la Salut pretén impulsar el desenvolupament d'eines per a diagnòstic, pronòstic i teràpies avançades o dirigides en medicina personalitzada a través de la ciència i la innovació.


  1. The participation of at least: one basic research institution and one health research institution (both Catalan) will be required.
  2. All proposals must carry out a collaborative action with another Autonomous Community participating in the Complementary Biotechnology Plan (Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, Basque Country, Aragon and Andalusia).
  3. Each entity may submit a maximum of 3 coordinated proposals for participation.
  4. All proposals will contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the selected priority action line. Complementarity with other lines will be positively valued.
  5. All proposals will have a translational character in personalised medicine. Projects involving only basic research will not be funded.
  6. It will be positively valued if the project involves the use of any of the technological platforms supporting R&D&I of the Programme (Annex C) or initiatives promoted by the PERTE de Salud de Vanguardia or by the research programme of the Community of Catalonia.
  7. Modalities: Modality A: Projects between 2 or more entities / Modality B: Projects between 3 or more entities.

Lines of action:

  • LA-2: Implementation and analysis of databases in precision medicine.
  • LA-3: Platform for drug screening and analysis of drug-drug interactions.
  • LA-4: Development of biological models for screening and study of the activity of therapeutic molecules.
  • LA-5: Development of nanodrugs, biodistribution, toxicity and therapeutic actions in pathology models.
  • LA-6: Techniques and processes for advanced and targeted therapies, surgical training and medical robotics.

Organiser: MICIIN, Generalitat de Catalunya, IBEC, NextGeneration UE.


  •     Modality A: 112,500€ (only Catalan entities expenses; Staff max. 1 person 66,150€ for 18 months).
  •     Modality B: 225,000€ (only expenses Catalan entities; Staff max. 2 persons 132,300€ for 18 months)

Duration: 18 months

Internal closing date: 13 September 2022

Closing date: 15 September 2022

Web: https://planescomplementariossalud.es/

Bases: https://planescomplementariossalud.es/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Convo-Proy.-Colab-PPCC-vDEF.pdf