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32nd edition of the Premis Nacionals de Recerca (National Research Awards)

Closing dates:

The Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, with the support of the Government of Catalonia, announces the 32nd edition of the National Research Awards. These awards aim to promote the social recognition of science and the activity of researchers, patrons, businessmen, entrepreneurs and science communicators linked to our country.

The awards consist of the following 6 prizes:

  •  National Research Award (senior researchers).
  •  National Research Award for Young Talent (researchers up to the age of 40).
  •  National Prize for Scientific Communication.
  •  National Prize for Scientific Patronage.
  •  National Award for Public-Private Partnership in R+I.
  •  National Innovation Award for the Creation of a Science-Based Company.

More information: National Research Award (fundaciorecerca.cat)