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Pfizer- Quantifying the socio-economic burden of disease for dermatology patients and caregivers 2021

Closing dates:

Theme: Will be financed the projects that quantify the socioeconomic burden of Atopic Dermatitis, and / or Alopecia Areata in patients and caregivers.

Endowment: €50,000-75,000

Duration: 1 year

Deadline: 1 June 2021

More information: https://cdn.pfizer.com/pfizercom/2021-04/GMG_2021-Dermatology-G_QuantificationSocio-EconomicBurdenDiseaseDermatologicalPatientsCaregivers.pdf?VersionId=xdiSEeOhWv9CvrECCUPH3v.7