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  • Vazquez-Justes, D; Carreño-Gago L; Garcia-Arum, E; Traveset, A; Montoya, J; Ruiz-Pesini, E; Lopez, R; Brieva, L

    Mitochondrial m.13513G > A Point Mutation in ND5 in a 16-Year-Old Man with Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Detected by Next-Generation Sequencing

    Journal of Pediatric Genetics 8 231-234. .


  • Aguilar-Jimenez, W; Zapata, W; Rivero-Juarez, A; Pineda, JA; Laplana, M; Taborda, NA; Biasin, M; Clerici, M; Caruz, A; Fibla, J; Rugeles, MT

    Genetic associations of the vitamin D and antiviral pathways with natural resistance to HIV-1 infection are influenced by interpopulation variability

    Infection Genetics And Evolution 73 276-286. .


  • Mora, E; Portella, MJ; Piñol-Ripoll G; Lopez, R; Cuadras, D; Forcada, I; Teres, M; Vieta, E; Mur, M

    High BDNF serum levels are associated to good cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder

    EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRY 60 97-107. .


  • Visa, A; Sallan, MC; Maiques, O; Alza, L; Talavera, E; Lopez-Ortega, R; Santacana, M; Herrero, J; Canti, C

    T-Type Ca(v)3.1 Channels Mediate Progression and Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Glioblastoma

    CANCER RESEARCH 79 1857-1868. .


  • Aluja, A; Balada, F; Blanco, E; Fibla, J; Blanch, A

    Twenty candidate genes predicting neuroticism and sensation seeking personality traits: A multivariate analysis association approach



  • Ortega RL; Dakterzada F; Arias A; Blasco E; Naudí A; Garcia FP; Piñol-Ripoll G

    Usefulness of CSF Biomarkers in Predicting the Progression of Amnesic and Nonamnesic Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease.

    Current aging science 12 35-42. .


  • Laplana, M; Royo, JL; Fibla, J

    Vitamin D Receptor polymorphisms and risk of enveloped virus infection: A meta-analysis

    Gene 678 384-394. .


  • Royo, JL; Valls, J; Acemel, RD; Gomez-Marin, C; Pascual-Pons, M; Lupiañez A; Gomez-Skarmeta, JL; Fibla, J

    A common copy-number variant within SIRPB1 correlates with human Out-of-Africa migration after genetic drift correction

    PLOS ONE 13 e0193614-. .


  • Ruiz, M; Arias, A; Sanchez-Llanos, E; Gil, MP; Lopez-Ortega, R; Dakterzada, F; Purroy, F; Piñol-Ripoll G

    Minor Hallucinations in Alzheimer's Disease

    Journal Of Alzheimers Disease 64 543-549. .


  • Mora, E.; Portella, M.; Pinol-Ripoll, G.; Lopez, R.; Cuadras, D.; Forcada, I.; Teres, M.; Vieta, E.; Mur, M.

    Neurotrophins, inflammation and oxidative damage as mediators of cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder

    European Neuropsychopharmacology 27 821-822. .

  • Oromi, N; Jove, M; Pascual-Pons, M; Royo, JL; Rocaspana, R; Aparicio, E; Pamplona, R; Palau, A; Sanuy, D; Fibla, J; Portero-Otin, M

    Differential metabolic profiles associated to movement behaviour of stream-resident brown trout (Salmo trutta)

    PLOS ONE 12 e0181697-. .


  • Herrero, R; Pineda, JA; Rivero-Juarez, A; Echbarthi, M; Real, LM; Camacho, A; Macias, J; Fibla, J; Rivero, A; Caruz, A

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