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Metabolomics is a branch of Systems Biology which studies the small molecules ("metabolites") profile of samples. This profile allows us to determine the concentration of thousands of molecules, generating data to study the effects of a particular condition (diseases, physiological and nutritional changes, changes induced by drug intake, surgery, and other therapeutic interventions) on the organism, tissue or cell physiology at a molecular level.

The Metabolomics Service offers technical support to the research groups advising them about the potential experimental applications as well as about the specific protocol for each application. In addition, we also optimise specific protocols which users ask for as well as samples and data processing.

At present, the Metabolomics Service offers the following applications:

  • Targeted metabolomics: search and quantification of specific metabolites.
  • Untargeted metabolomics: metabolomics profile studies of different samples and search for differential molecules among groups.
  • Targeted lipidomics: search and quantification of specific lipid species. We can also search and analyse modified lipids such as oxidated lipids.
  • Untargeted lipidomics: lipidomics profile studies of different samples and search for differential molecules between groups.

The Metabolomics platform consists of three HPLCs (Cap Pump 1200 Series, Nano Pump 1200 Series, UPLC 1290 Series, Agilent Technologies), one QTOF mass spectrometer detector (QTOF LC/MS 6520, Agilent Technologies), one nano-electrospray ionization system with ChipCube technology (HPLC Chip Cube G4240A, Agilent Technologies) and the necessary software for data analysis (MassHunter Data Adquisition, MassHunter Qualitative Analysis, MassHunter Quantitative Analysis, MassHunter Mass Profiler, Agilent Technologies).


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