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Oncogenic signalling and development

The group considers a genetic approach to the mechanisms that regulate the activated cell signaling pathways by proto-oncogen Ret, and its regulation by the putative tumor suppressor Sprouty. As a fundamental tool, the group uses lines of mutant mice generated by homologous recombination. The studies cover different fields such as renal development and the peripheral nervous system, or the biology of tumors of neuroendocrine origin.

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Dosil MA; Mirantes C; Eritja N; Felip I; Navaridas R; Gatius S; Santacana M; Colàs E; Moiola C; Schoenenberger JA; Encinas M; Garí E; Matias-Guiu X; Dolcet X

Palbociclib has antitumour effects on Pten-deficient endometrial neoplasias



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Mario Encinas Martin

Mario Encinas Martin