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Clinical and experimental research in digestive and hematological pathology

Our group’s research deals with colorectal carcinogenesis and with hematologic diseases. It has a clinical and experimental. We are also interested in teaching investigation in our fields. The group was formed and registered in 1995 and is a consolidated research group at the University of Lleida.

Research interests:

  • Prognostic factors in patients with colorectal cancer
  • Factors related to diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer
  • Study of chemically induced colonic carcinogenesis in murine experimental models
  • Telomerase activity in cell neoplastic cells
  • Laboratory techniques and procedures in hematology (hematologic analyzers and flow cytometry)
  • Clinical and basic research in blood diseases

Featured publications

Collado, R; Puiggros, A; Lopez-Guerrero, JA; Calasanz, MJ; Larrayoz, MJ; Ivars, D; Garcia-Casado, Z; Abella, E; Orero, MT; Talavera, E; Oliveira, AC; Hernandez-Rivas, JM; Hernandez-Sanchez, M; Luño E; Valiente, A; Grau, J; Portal, I; Gardella, S; Salgado, AC; Gimenez, MT; Ardanaz, MT; Campeny, A; Hernandez, JJ; Alvarez, S; Espinet, B; Carbonell, F

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia with isochromosome 17q: An aggressive subgroup associated with TP53 mutations and complex karyotypes

CANCER LETTERS 409 42-48. .


Yuguero, O; Forne, C; Esquerda, M; Pifarre, J; Abadias, MJ; Viñas J

Empathy and burnout of emergency professionals of a health region A cross-sectional study

Medicine 96 -. .


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Josep Maria Reñé Espinet

Josep Maria Reñé Espinet

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