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This is a multidisciplinary group consisting of doctors of different specialties, pharmacists of different specialties and nursing graduates. The group aims to evaluate the efficacy, safety and efficiency of medical technology linked to the use of medicines, either for the prevention or treatment of diseases. It also focuses on the analysis of the patterns of drug use as a starting point to achieve their rational application.

Its objectives focus on the following basic areas:

  • Medical oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Artificial nutrition
  • Neuropharmacology
  • The safety and effectiveness of medications
  • Pharmacoeconomics

The fundamental instrument of pharmacoepidemiology is the clinical trial. For this reason, the group's primary objective is to participate in multicentre clinical trials, at home or abroad, for the development of new drugs in the different areas of interest.

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Huerva, V; Soldevila, J

Alternaria alternata keratitis

MEDICINA CLINICA 149 466-466. .


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Juan Antonio Schoenenberger Arnaiz

Juan Antonio Schoenenberger Arnaiz

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