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Pharmacology unit

The unit is responsible for the Pharmacology courses at the University of Lleida. The research focuses on the study of cell death processes and their modulation in order to identify new therapeutic approaches to human disease, especially cancer. The unit is structured in 2 lines of research:

  1. "Pharmacological modulation of cell death", directed by Prof. Boix
  2. "Regulation of cell death by non-coding RNA (ncRNA)", directed by Prof. Ribas

Projects managed at the University of Lleida:

  • Project: Identification of molecular determinants linked to autophagy that modulates sensitivity to conventional antitumor drugs (AUTOPHAGYPHARMA), SAF2016-78657-R, National Biomedicine Program, Start date: 12/30/2016, End date: 29 / 12/2019.
  • Project: Regulation of Autophagy by the TMEM49 and miR-21 genes (RAGETMEM49MIR21), SAF2011-29730, National Biomedicine Program, Start date: 01/01/2012, End date: 12/31/2014.

Contact information

Jacint Boix Torras

Jacint Boix Torras

Judit Ribas Fortuny

Judit Ribas Fortuny