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The Unit was originally established by Dr. Boix and currently it brings together the expertise of several Pharmacology fellows at the University of Lleida. The research interest of this Unit revolves around the mechanism of action of several experimental or clinical drugs. The members of the Units have a strong background in the study of Cell death processes and their modulation. In addition, the Unit has always prioritized research aiming a therapeutic benefit in areas like cancer or inflammatory diseases. The Unit includes two independent groups:

  1. "Molecular Pharmacology", directed by Prof. Boix
  2. "Pharmacology of the Cellular Stress", directed by Prof. Ribas

Projects managed at the University of Lleida:

  • Project: Identification of molecular determinants linked to autophagy that modulates sensitivity to conventional antitumor drugs (AUTOPHAGYPHARMA), SAF2016-78657-R, National Biomedicine Program, Start date: 12/30/2016, End date: 29 / 12/2019.
  • Project: Regulation of Autophagy by the TMEM49 and miR-21 genes (RAGETMEM49MIR21), SAF2011-29730, National Biomedicine Program, Start date: 01/01/2012, End date: 12/31/2014.

Featured publications

Mattiolo P; Yuste VJ; Boix J; Ribas J

Autophagy exacerbates caspase-dependent apoptotic cell death after short times of starvation



Garcia-Belinchon M; Sanchez-Osuna M; Martinez-Escardo L; Granados-Colomina C; Pascual-Guiral S; Iglesias-Guimarais V; Casanelles E; Ribas J; Yuste VJ

An Early and Robust Activation of Caspases Heads Cells for a Regulated Form of Necrotic-like Cell Death

Journal Of Biological Chemistry 290 20841-20855. .


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Jacint Boix Torras

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