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Research Projects in Healthcare- AES 2018

Closing dates:

Opening date: Wednesday, February 2, 2018

Internal closing date in IRBLleida: Monday, March 5, 2018

Type: Project

Funding agency: ISCIII


Includes three types:

  • Individual projects: There is only one applicant entity and the Project is done by a research team with one or two Principal Investigators.
  • Coordinated projects: Are composed by two or more sub-projects, done in different entities, which have to justify in the applicant report the needed of a coordinated action to achieve the proposed objectives and the benefits of the collaboration. Each sub-project will have its own team and Principal Investigator. One of the Principal Investigators will be designed as coordinator.
  • Multicentric projects: The same protocol is done in more than one Centre. In this kind of projects, it is possible to present only one application by the Centre where the coordinator is linked or one application in each participant Centre, with one Principal Investigator and research team in each one. There will be one Principal Investigator declared as coordinator.

It is possible to apply for funding for the intensification up to 50% of the Principal Investigator heathcare working time in the second and third years of the project. In this case, no other personal cost can be funded.

Requirements of the Principal investigators are:

  • To have a working, statutory or civil servant link with the IIS, at least for the period of time between the call application timing and the definitive resolution of the call.
  • To do not be recruited in a FSE program, nor have a predoctoral formation neither a postdoctoral contract of any nature (Sara Borrell, Juan de la Cierva or any Autonomous Community program contract) nor a Río Ortega contract.

To have full dedication to the project presented.

Requirements of the other research team members:

To have a working, statutory, civil servant or remunerated formation link with any of the entities with the conditions to present an application for this action.