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Grants for the recruitment of early-stage research staff (FI 2020)

Closing dates:

Type: Human Resources

Funding Agency: Agency for Managment of University and Research Grants

Note: The link to calculate the degree mean for foreing degrees has changed. The correct one is the following:


This call for grants is co-financed with the European Social Fund.

To award  grants to universities, research centres and/or hospital foundations to recruit early-stage research staff and promote research quality by means of the the incorporation of this staff in research groups that develop a current and funded R&D project.

Call rules available here.

Candidates must register the following documents at the IRBLleida register until 14th October 14:00.

  1. Grant aplication, which is generated once you close your application online.
  2. Candidate’s autoavaluation form, signed by candidate and thesis director.

Furthermore, it is necessary to send us all pdfs attached to the application to projects(ELIMINAR)@irblleida.cat

Following you could find IRBLleida priorization criteria (approved by AGAUR) and the autoavaluation form (updated on October 7th):

UPDATE: Priority list available below.