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Caixaimpulse 2018

Closing dates:

Closing date to communicate interest in apply: Friday, April 13th, 2018

Internal closing date in IRBLleida: Thursday, April 25th, 2018.

Type: Valorization Project.

Funding Agency: "La Caixa" Bank Foundation.

The call is open and is focused in researchers interested in the exploitation and commercialization of their protected or protectable research results, needing validation and development.

The researchers who wants to participate in this call, should send an e-mail informing of their interest to projects(ELIMINAR)@irblleida.cat before April 13th, 2018.

The budget of the proposal should be sent for revision before April 20th.

The full text of the proposal and the complementary documents must be sent to the e-mail projects(ELIMINAR)@irblleida.cat, before April 25th.

In case these deadlines are not met, the Management Office cannot guaranty the submission of the proposal.

All the proposal must be written in English.

Caixaimpulse programme includes:

  • Financial support for the development of a valorization plan including commercialization and commercial implementation.
  • Mentoring support along all the programm.
  • Networking with companies, entrepreneurs and investors to validate the valorization plans and the business opportunities.
  • Training in: Project management, technology transference, financing tolos, commercialization and negotiation.

The programm will support projects from the areas of Life, Medical, and Health Science, based on Assets, i.e., on one or more protected or protectable assets resulting from scientific research and/or innovation activities.

Within the area of Life, Medical, and Health Sciences, projects from the following fields will be considered:

1- Life Sciences: Biomathematics, Cell biology, Human biology, Biochemistry and Molecular biology, Human physiology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology and Neurosciences.

2. Medical and Health Sciences: Clinical sciences, Epidemiology, Forensic medicine, Occupational medicine, Internal medicine, Nutritional sciences, Pathology, Pharmacodynamics, Pharmacology, Preventive medicine, Psychiatry, Public health, Surgery and Toxicology.

The Beneficiary will appoint two individuals in charge of developing the Valorisation and Commercialisation/Business Plans, who will be able to attend the Programme:

  1. The researcher or leader of the Project (the "Project Leader").

We understand the Project Leader to be the individual (university graduate, professor or doctor) who leads the Valorisation Project and the transfer of the Assets to the market, although he/she may or may not be the researcher or leader of the research project.

The Project Leader must be dedicated mainly to the Project and may also be supported by a team, in which case, for procedural purposes, the team will not be considered a Beneficiary of the Programme.

The Project Leader must attend at least 80% of the Programme activities3. By exception, whenever the Project Leader is unable to attend due to his/her professional tasks, the Project Leader may be represented by a deputy leader. However, replacements by deputy leaders shall not exceed 20% of the total number of mandatory events.

  1. A representative from the Beneficiary (the "Transfer Team Representative").

We understand the Transfer Team Representative as an individual who is part of the Beneficiary's transfer office who is directly involved in the Project.

It is highly recommended that the Transfer Team Representative attend the Programme's activities, although this is not mandatory.

The amount of the grant to be requested is between €50,000 and €100,000:

A €50,000 grant should be requested when the application is submitted.

An extra grant between €20,000 and €50,000 can be requested and approved after reviewing the Valorisation Plan during the first half of the Programme. The extra grant will be approved by the CaixaImpulse Executive Committee based on clear justification of the need of this increase and mentor feedback.

You will find more information in the website of the call: